Garden Gourmet Heirloom Tomato Collection - 6pc

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A plethora of old fashioned, heirloom goodness known for their classic, old-timey taste!
Includes one pot each of 'Cherokee Purple', 'Yellow Pear', Abraham Lincoln', Kentucky Beefsteak', 'Pink Oxheart', and 'San Marzano'.
'Cherokee Purple' - The pinkish purple fruits may grab your attention, but the smooth flavor is what will keep you coming back for more! The 8 to 12 ounce fruits are a delicacy fresh sliced.

'Yellow Pear' - This heirloom from the 18th century will produce bite-sized, golden, pear-shaped fruits that are incredibly sweet and perfect for salads. Starts bearing in 60 days and does not stop until frost.

'Abraham Lincoln' - One of America's highest-yielding tomatoes! This tomato was the standard of excellence for the first half of the 20th century with its bright red, 8 ounce fruits that deliver a fine flavor.

'Kentucky Beefsteak' - Hailing from its namesake, this Kentucky-bred tomato produces enormous fruits reaching up to 2lbs each! The fruits are deep orange with an attractive, rounded shape.

'Pink Oxheart' - Meaty and firm to the bite, these large, mild, 10 to 16 ounce tomatoes are great served raw with a sprinkle of salt! A great all-purpose variety with that old-timey flavor you have been searching for!

'San Marzano' - These long, blocky fruits weigh in at around 4oz each and have almost no seed cavities - they are all meat! Great variety for canning or drying!

Is this for you?
Classic heirloom tomatoes have more taste than today's hybrids. The breeding today is all about producing quantity, not better tasting fruit. The varieties in this collection are bursting with old-fashioned flavor! From gourmet chefs to commercial growers to backyard gardeners, this collection cannot be beat!

A summer of nonstop tomatoes! With this collection, your garden will be bursting with nonstop color all summer long! Plant each variety in a different pot on the patio for an elegant new take on the vegetable garden! These varieties also make a colorful addition to any traditional vegetable garden!

Instant tomato garden for beginners! Tomatoes are an excellent start for any budding gardener! The tomatoes in this collection are all easy to grow and maintain. There is nothing more satisfying than gathering your first harvest. Plus, this collection is a great value! Heirloom tomatoes are only found, if available at all, in high-dollar, gourmet grocery stores. One tomato would cost you more than one of these plants, and each of these plants will produce dozens of tomatoes. You'll have plenty to share with your friends, family and neighbors!

Can be grown throughout most of the continental U.S. An excellent value and investment in any landscape. **This product cannot ship to the following states and territories AK, HI, PR, VI, GUAM.

What to expect:
Plants ship to you based on your geographic location. Your shipment will be based on the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map which we have correlated to your zip code. This means you will receive your plants when it is the right time to plant for you.

You will receive six Garden Gourmet Heirloom Tomatoes, one of each variety, well rooted in 2.5-inch pots. These plants are carefully selected and packed for safe transport directly to you. Open immediately and follow the instructions in the planting guide available online that provides specific care instructions including how to plant them, continuing care and winterizing.

Expect plants to reach maturity in 3 months. However, growth can be affected by many factors including fertilization and climate factors unique to your planting location.

Expect heaviest fruiting in summer with continuous fruiting until frost. This annual puts all its effort into one season, yielding an abundance of delicious tomatoes that can't be beat!

Plant Details
Botanical NameHardiness
Annual Or
Lycopersicon lycopersicum 'Abraham Lincoln' Not winter hardy, will thrive from spring to fall in all zones Annual Summer to frost Full to part sun No 3+ feet 3+ feet
Lycopersicon lycopersicum 'Cherokee Purple'
Lycopersicon lycopersicum 'Yellow Pear'
Lycopersicon lycopersicum 'Kentucky Beefsteak'
Lycopersicon lycopersicum 'Pink Oxheart'
Lycopersicon lycopersicum 'San Marzano'

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