Nature's Source Fertilizer with Spray Nozzle

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Includes one 32oz bottle of Nature's Source Fertilizer with a nozzle attachment.

Highly effective and easy to use, Nature's Source Fertilizer is a renewable resource, providing the nutrients all of your plants need to perform at their best! An NPK ratio of 10-4-3 and essential micronutrients keep your garden healthy and lush while encouraging prolific flowering and fruit production. This soy based, all-purpose fertilizer is suitable for the entire garden: perennials, annuals, shrubs, trees, vegetables and more!  Safe and effective, this low nitrogen concentrate is safe for use near streams, coastal waters and other waterways where run off would ordinarily be problematic.

This concentrated formula is an excellent value! One bottle goes a long way with one tablespoon of Nature's Source making one gallon of fertilizer.  Plus, there's no mess and no measuring required. Simply attach the convenient nozzle to your hose, spray, then sit back and enjoy your garden!

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