Japanese Maple Tree 'Emperor I®'

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A versatile lawn tree with attractive foliage that adds instant drama to your yard!
Includes one pot of 'Emperor I®' Maple Tree
The perfect small lawn tree! Originally introduced as 'Emperor I®' by Dick Wolff at Pennsylvania's Red Maple Nursery in 1976, this maple never disappoints. In the spring, 'Emperor I®' produces dramatic dark red foliage which turns to a vibrant scarlet red during the fall to create a strong visual appeal. The compact specimen reaches 10-15-feet at maturity, making it an excellent small lawn tree!

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Three seasons of interest! Plant this maple anywhere in the yard that needs high-impact color. Place in an open area to accommodate growth over the years and always choose a site that is protected from strong straight-line winds. This tree's beautiful foliage will add dramatic color to your landscape wherever you choose to plant it! You will see multiple seasons of interest with the colorful show starting in the spring, remaining vibrant through summer and ending with showy foliage in fall! 

Low maintenance and hardy! Because leaf buds open later in spring, 'Emperor I®' avoids most late spring frost damage. This exceptionally hardy specimen tolerates colder climates better than most Japanese Maples and thrives in sandy loam. Perfect for full sun or dappled afternoon shade, this reliable standard maintains its leaf color through the seasons. 'Emperor I®' is tolerant of urban pollution and is perfect for smaller city yards!

Can be grown throughout most of the continental U.S. An excellent value and investment in any landscape. **This product cannot ship to the following states and territories AK, HI, PR, VI, GUAM.

What to expect:
Plants ship to you based on your geographic location.  Your shipment will be based on the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map which we have correlated to your zip code. This means you will receive your plants when it is the right time to plant for you.

You will receive one 'Emperor I®' Maple Tree, well rooted in a two gallon pot. These plants are carefully selected and packed for safe transport directly to you. Open immediately and follow the instructions in the planting guide available online that provides specific care instructions including how to plant them, continuing care and winterizing. 

Expect visual interest in spring to fall.  This is a deciduous tree that will shed its leaves in the winter months.

Plant Details
Botanical NameHardiness
Annual Or
Acer palmatum 'Emperor I®' 5-9 Perennial N/A Full sun to part shade No 10 to 18 feet 10 to 15 feet

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