Lobularia 3N1 Sweet Alyssum - 2pc

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A profusion of fragrant flowers open atop dainty foliage even in sweltering summer heat!
Includes two pots of 3-N-1 Sweet Alyssum consisting of Lobularia 'Raspberry Stream™', 'Lavender Stream™', and 'White Stream™'.
Clustered pastel flowers cover low-growing mounds of gray-green foliage. Fragrant, dense flowers bloom in harmony in shades of pink, white, and lavender atop mounds of trailing foliage. Sweet Alyssum has traditionally been used as a cool-season plant, but these tough new varieties allow gardeners all over the country to enjoy its blossoms all summer long!

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Bring on the butterflies and add a touch of elegance to your garden! Sweet Alyssum carpets the garden with fragrant flowers and attracts pollinators from near and far.

Versatile and fast-growing with continuous blooming from spring to fall! This charming combo elegantly spills over the sides of hanging baskets, containers, and window boxes. Sweet Alyssum makes an ideal groundcover when planted along pathways and between walkway stones. Often used in edging and borders, its low, spreading habit fills gaps in the garden with season-long color.

Thrives in full sun to part shade and helps suppress weeds. The varieties in the Stream™ series thrive in heat and drought, making them ideal for gardeners in areas with hot summers. Easy to grow, Sweet Alyssum needs no deadheading and resists damage from browsing deer.

Grows well throughout most of the continental U.S. Unfortunately, this product cannot ship to the following states and territories: AK, HI, PR, VI, GUAM.

What to expect:
Plants ship to you based on your geographic location. We ship throughout the spring, starting in early March. Your shipment will be based on the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map which we have correlated to your zip code. This means you will receive your plants when it is the right time to plant in your area of the country.

You will receive two 3-N-1 Sweet Alyssum in 3.25-inch pots. These plants were carefully selected and packed for safe transport directly to you. Open immediately and follow the instructions for planting and care in the planting guide available online.

Plants reach maturity in 2 to 3 months. However, growth can be affected by many factors including fertilization and climate factors unique to your planting location.

Heaviest blooming will occur in early spring with continuous blooming until frost. These annuals put all of their effort into one season of high impact, gorgeous blooms that can't be beat!

Plant Details
Botanical NameHardiness
Annual Or
Lobularia maritima 'Raspberry Stream' Not winter hardy, will thrive from spring to fall in all zones Annual Spring to midsummer Full sun to part shade Yes 3 to 9 inches 6 to 12 inches
Lobularia maritima 'Lavender Stream'
Lobularia maritima 'White Stream'

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