Peony 'Gay Paree' - 2pc

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A two-toned heirloom with a romantic perfume!
Includes two bareroot 'Gay Paree' Peonies.
Ornate fuchsia-pink flowers with white anemone-like centers command attention in the garden! This unique Japanese selection forms a dense mound of dark green foliage, holding its double blossoms upright and rarely needing to be staked.

Is this for you?
Sweet fragrance draws in admirers from near and far! These dynamic blossoms attract pollinators and passersby alike, and make exquisite additions to springtime bouquets.

Showy blossoms emerge as other peonies are pulling the curtains. Peonies make excellent specimen plants, standing out in borders, beds, or eclectic cottage gardens. Spreading as a shrub-like clump, 'Gay Paree' can even be grown as a seasonal hedge. Its rich foliage and pretty pink blossoms are especially stunning when paired with late spring bloomers such as roses and irises.

This easy-care beauty can last a lifetime! Peonies are tough plants that thrive for decades, resist deer and rabbits, and require little care. Plant peonies in full sun to light shade, provide them plenty of root space, and water as needed. They will reward you for years!

Grows well throughout most of the continental U.S. Unfortunately, this product cannot ship to the following states and territories: AK, HI, PR, VI, GUAM.

What to expect:
Plants ship to you based on your geographic location. We ship throughout the spring, starting in early March. Your shipment will be based on the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map which we have correlated to your zip code. This means you will receive your plants when it is the right time to plant in your area of the country.

You will receive two dormant 2-3 eye bareroot 'Gay Paree' Peonies. These plants were carefully selected and packed for safe transport directly to you. Open immediately and follow the instructions for planting and care in the planting guide available online.

Plants reach maturity in 3 years. However, growth can be affected by many factors including fertilization and climate factors unique to your planting location.

Heaviest blooming will occur in late spring to early summer. Newly planted peonies typically spend the first year establishing a strong root system and begin flowering the second year.

Plant Details
Botanical NameHardiness
Annual Or
Paeonia lactiflora 'Gay Paree" 3-8 Perennial Late spring to early summer Full to part sun No 33 to 35 inches 35 to 39 inches

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