21-7-7 Bud-N-Flower Booster For Acid Loving Plants

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Includes 50 water-soluble fertilizer packets.

Keep your garden at its best with Cottage Farms Bud-N-Flower Booster for Acid Loving Plants! Specifically formulated for plants that thrive in acidic soil, this easy-to-use fertilizer features an NPK ratio of 21-7-7 along with essential micronutrients. This well-balanced formula provides the nutrients your acid loving plants need to produce lush, healthy growth and prolific blooms. The convenient, pre-measured packets dissolve readily in water, leaving you with no mess, no guessing and no stained hands. Perfect for all acid loving plants – azaleas, hydrangeas, gardenias, blueberries, crape myrtles, evergreens and more!

To use, simply drop one fertilizer packet into a gallon of water, then shake or stir until the packet has dissolved. Water your plants thoroughly before fertilizing for best results. Pour fertilizer at the base of the plant, thoroughly saturating the soil. Do not pour fertilizer directly on the foliage. Fertilize once every two to three weeks during the growing season to promote maximum performance and maintain plant health. For perennial plants, discontinue fertilizing by September 1st to allow for winter dormancy, then resume fertilizing when active growth begins in spring. Avoid fertilizing dormant plants and plants that are stressed or unhealthy.

Unused solution may be stored for later use. Packets do not expire, however, moisture can cause loss of integrity. Always keep the container tightly capped and store in a dry area out of the reach of children and pets.

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Reviews from our customers...
Awesome fertilizer!!!
So happy w/ this fertilizer...originally bought on QVC.. If you have a problem getting your hydrangeas to bloom...USE THIS!!!
Fabulous product !
I bought this product on QVC because it was mentioned on the spring flower shows and I have numerous Hydrangea's that I had not found a good food for yet. Until NOW that is! I am so impressed with the result! Last year was a rough winter and I did not get many blooms. This year was a worse winter - cold and dry. The plants started to come up in March, so I fed them during a warm spell. Then we got a late freeze down to 10 degrees for a few days. The plants didn't grow or change at all for about a month. I thought they were all dead. Then they decided to wake up again in May and are looking wonderful with little buds showing up all over the place on stems that are only about a foot tall. I have NEVER had buds this early or on such new growth. Practically every single plant has started to bud, and the foliage has gotten much darker green and they all look so healthy and strong! I will never use another product again. This is the first time in my gardening life that I have ever had such good results. I am buying your product for non-acidic plants today and expect to get the same result for those as well. I intend to use on the Sun Patience I bought from you that are starting to bloom now. I can't wait for that result. PLEASE advertise your product more on QVC. Feel free to read my review. People need to know.
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