15-30-15 Bud-N-Flower Booster Carefree

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Includes 50 water-soluble fertilizer packets.

Take your garden to the next level with Cottage Farms Bud-N-Flower Booster! Excellent for plants indoors or out, this all-purpose fertilizer features an NPK ratio of 15-30-15 along with essential micronutrients. Formulated to promote lush foliage, prolific blooms and healthy plants, this well-balanced formula will keep your garden performing in top shape all season long. Feeding your plants has never been easier. The convenient, easy-to-use packets dissolve readily in water, leaving you with no mess, no measuring and no stained hands. Perfect for all annuals, perennials and tropical plants.

To use, simply drop one fertilizer packet into a gallon of water, then shake or stir until the packet has dissolved. Water your plants thoroughly before fertilizing for best results. Pour fertilizer at the base of the plant, thoroughly saturating the soil. Do not pour fertilizer directly on the foliage. Fertilize once every two to three weeks during the growing season to promote maximum performance and maintain plant health. For perennial plants, discontinue fertilizing by September 1st to allow for winter dormancy, then resume fertilizing when active growth begins in spring. Avoid fertilizing dormant plants and plants that are stressed or unhealthy.

Unused solution may be stored for later use. Packets do not expire, however, moisture can cause loss of integrity. Always keep the container tightly capped and store in a dry area out of the reach of children and pets.

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Reviews from our customers...
Linda 54
This was the first year that I tried Cottage Farms Fertilizers and I was very pleased on how my garden did. My tomato plants were just awesome. The branches were about the size of my little finger and I have small hands. In fact all of my flowers and lilac bush grew better using this product instead of Miracle Gro is what I use to use and now Cottage Farms is the only one that I will use from now on. I hope everyone that tries this product gets the same satisfaction like I did.
Best and easiest fertilization
I have been using these for 3 years; I use the bud and flower, rose formula, fruit and veggie. So convenient to use. Flowers bloom extraordinarily~
Best fertilizer I've ever used
This fertilizer is a winner and has made my flowers mulitply immediatley. I've used the well know MG fertilizer for years before I found this one and will never go back because of the results no comparison. I've extended my purchases to the other boosters for fruits, veggies and acid loving plants because I feel there is no other plant food that works as well as these boosters. Highly recommended and the easy use is a bonus. HINT: save your gallon milk jugs it's perfect for dissolving and feeding.
This is the best product for fertilization, I use the rose, veggie and fruit and flower. I don't have to count drops, or sort by 1/2 or 1 gal increments. I just throw the gel-pack in the can and I have the had the most beautiful flowers, trees, etc., for 3 years now. Love it..
Game Changer!
I am not in the habit of writing reviews; but, the transformational game-changing power of this product compels me to write. Where I live in Texas this year spring made its arrival during the calendar winter season. As a result, my husband and I began gardening very early. We purchased beautiful annuals from a local superstore (as well as roses from Cottage Farm). Initially the annuals looked great; however, by mid-May their once vibrant colors and erect posture seemed to be no match for the hot Texas sun. After learning about this product I decided to purchase it (as well as the fertilizer specifically for roses) hoping that it might make a difference. I did not hold out too much hope since my Miracle Grow fertilizer wasn’t making a difference. Well, all I can say is that the old adage – “The proof is in the pudding” is applicable here! A few days after watering my half-dead annuals with this user-friendly product my husband and I were shocked at the transformation. At the risk of sounding too dramatic I MUST say that the results were truly astonishing! It not only revived the sad looking annuals but it caused them to look and be even healthier than when we initially purchased them. This is truly a game-changing product; I now say “Out with the Miracle-Grow fertilizer and in with the Bud-N-Flower Booster Carefree!” P.S. It gave much love to my indoor plants as well!
The best ever flower fertilizer.
This was my first summer to usie this product. I am very impressed with the blossom results of every plant I usied it on for last 4 weeks. It was effective on my non-blooming ornamentals too. I've used Miracle Gro and Osmocote in the past but now with these results, I want to continue using Cottage Farm Bloom and Grow. It's so easy to use as well. Thanks Cottage Farm!
Simply the Best!!
I used to use Miracle Grow but not anymore. This Bud N Flower booster is so amazing that I won't ever use any other fertilizer. It's simple to use and boy are my plants blooming like never before!! Seriously, this is miraculous. Thank you Philip and Cottage Farms!!!
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