Red Mulch Film - 9pc

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Includes 9 pre-cut 30" x 30" sheets.

Cottage Farms Red Mulch Film was specifically designed to enhance tomato crop production. Originally developed by the USDA, this reusable mulch film has been proven to improve tomato harvest in numerous university trials. Perforated to allow for watering and air circulation, red mulch film helps retain moisture, warms the soil and suppresses weeds. Tomatoes planted with red mulch film have been shown to fruit earlier, produce higher quality fruit and bear a larger crop. Not just for tomatoes, this versatile mulch film is suitable for use with strawberries, peppers, melons and any other crop that fruits above the ground.

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Love this Red Mulch Film
I bought this from QVC and used it on my tomatoes and a few other veggies and decided to go back and buy another one so I could cover my whole garden and I love this makes it soooooo easy to not weed and that's awesome and all my plants look wonderful.You wont be sorry to get this it is so worth it.I will always use this :-),Cricket
This is Awesome
I ordered 1 of these then loved it and came back and bought another one this is great you'll love it no weeds or nothing. Ty CF love this,will order more this year :-)
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