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Bareroot Roses


Other Pests

Amending Soil

Plant Nutrition

Gardening begins in January

Just Say "No" to Slugs!

Bluebird House with a Living Sedum Roof

Creating a Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden

Pictures & Video (a behind the scenes with Cottage Farms & Phillip)

Picture Perfect Sedum

Table That Last Project

Limitless Possibilities

It's March, do you know where your garden is?

     Family Gardening & Planning

     Time to Assess Your Garden and Landscape

     Garden Design

     Start Now

House Plants - Enjoy The Health Benefits

     Have You Cleaned Your Air Today?

     Live plants in your home

     More than just a decoration....

Getting Ready for Spring Shows

Spring is here. Let's start this garden!



     Staking or caging your plant






A little behind the scenes at Cottage Farms

Gardening With Limitations

     Family Gardening

     Ideal Plants for the Limited Garden

     Raised Flowerbeds

Behind the Sets of Cottage Farms


     Berry Sauce with Steak or Chicken


            *Chicken (skinless, boneless chicken breast)

            *Adding the berry sauce

     Herb de Provence

     Marinade and Brush-on Herb de Provence Rub


     Tomato & Basil Garden Pizza

     Garden Tomato Salad Dressing

Protect and enhance your garden naturally

     Coffee Grounds


     Epsom Salt


Your Summer Garden



Enjoy your flowers a little longer

     Air-dry your flowers

     Dry your flowers with silica gel

     Pressing flowers

     Microwaving your flowers

     Water drying your flowers

Get the children interested in gardening

     Prepare your beds for fall planting

     Expand your garden—divide your rhizomes

September, the beginning of Fall

     The Family Scarecrow Project

Fall Clean Up - Putting The Garden To Bed

     The Benefits Of Fall Planting

     Lifting And Storing Bulbs

     Preparing For Cooler Weather

     Planting Bulbs In The Fall For A Beautiful Spring Display

     Your Fall & Winter Garden - Plants That Like The Cold

     House Plants - Enjoy The Health Benefits

     Winterizing - A Few Tips For The Upcoming Winter

Holiday Plants

     Do-It-Yourself Mini Christmas Tree

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